Privacy Policy

The privacy policy offers information regarding the procedures through that Gmail support collects, utilizes and distribute the non-public info that is received therefore on supply support services to the purchasers. The terms and conditions of our services square measure terribly clear and state that you just ought to be in agreement of knowledge utilization in keeping with the privacy policy whenever you share any of the knowledge with our technical support engineers.

What quite an info can we need?

Personal Information: we have a tendency to desperately need personal info of the users like their family name, First name, number, communication address, and Email address in order that we are able to simply acknowledge the user and make contact with him if needed.

Payment Information: We additionally want info related to the open-end credit and therefore the MasterCard of the user the instant they purchase our services or create transactions on phone or online, whichever is likable by the users. Gmail mail technical school support makes the best use of third-party payment gateways and payment process so as to verify the knowledge of a user’s open-end credit and MasterCard and additionally for the dealing method.

Technical Information: Google mail technical school support employees will inquire regarding the technical info related to the computers therefore on solve the technical hiccups arise in your system throughout the service time.

Cookies square measure the set of knowledge that square measure keeps within the drive through the browser. affirmative! we have a tendency to use cookies to become conscious of the user preferences moreover as specifications. we have a tendency to could utilize cookies to supply you with the technical school support through our website whereas act with our technical support employees. but the user will proceed to alter his browser just in case he doesn’t need to store any info.