Gmail Password Change

Gmail password change and different methods to change it.

Gmail powered by Google is one of the fastest email account service since its inception. Your Gmail account can be opened by login it with the help of user name and password. Once someone has decided the username the next step is to set the password of your Gmail account. As entire business communication is dependent on your Gmail account therefore it is quite crucial to make your Gmail account from the grip of hackers. Therefore people tend to change the Gmail password again and again to keep it secure and safe. There are different methods that ensure Gmail password change. You can use can use your phone number to change your Gmail account password and also change it without recovery email and phone number.

Steps How to change your Gmail password with phone number:

There are different methods to change your Gmail account password. One of the crucial ways is to change it with the help of Gmail phone number.
► Go to Google account recovery page.
► It will ask you to enter your password. If you don’t remember you can click on more ways to sign in.
► Now you will see an option forgot your password. Then it will ask you to enter the last password you remember.
► Or Google can send a confirmation OTP on your registered mobile number.
► Once Google ensures that this is you who is trying to change your password, it will allow you to Proceed.
► Now in the end it will give a option of change password.
► Now enter your password that must be of at least 8 characters and confirm it.
►Your Gmail account password has been changed successfully.

Steps How to change Gmail password without recovery email and phone number:

► First of all go to your Gmail account login page.
► Now go to the top right side of the page and click on settings.
► In the next step, click on Account and click on the Sign In & Security.
► Now if you will click on the Gmail account settings a new window will open in front of you.
► Now click on the ways to access your account.
► Answer as many as security questions as accurately as possible.
► Be exact with your answers, as this is how Google will recognize that this is you recovering your account.
► Once you click on that window you will come across change your password option.
► Now you will type your new password and confirm it.
► After confirming you will be required to save your password after confirming it.

This is the way to change your Gmail password without making use of recovery email or even phone number. So, there are so many ways to change your Gmail account password. Now it depends on you that what process you use to change your Gmail account password. After reading these steps of Gmail password change without phone number or email there may be a possibility that you are still unclear of some of the steps. Now, you may be wandering what to do in such a case or how to resolve this issue. To remove your confusion you can take the assistance of any reliable third-party Gmail technical support. It will wipe away all your issues and let your confusion fly away by making you clear about the entire step.