Scrolling Not Working in Google Chrome How to Fix It

Scrolling Not Working in Chrome

Scrolling Not Working in Chrome, this problem may happen for other browsers and programs. In that case, Your mouse device may have some problem. When you see that other programs have no issue with scrolling and it’s only appearing in chrome, It should be a matter of concern. Probably, There is something wrong with this browser.

Lets Start the Fix Scrolling not working in google chrome browser

There are different ways to fix this scroll problem not working on chrome.

1. Restart Your Computer: if scroll not working in google chrome

This is the first thing you can do. Sometimes, Your PC needs a restart to complete some process or to refresh its processes. In most cases, A simple restart can fix chrome not scrolling issue.

2. Use Chrome Cleaner: if scroll not working in google chrome

Peoples who frequently encounter scrolling problem, They also may experience kill pages / aw snap problems in google chrome. Some extensions or any third-party programs or services may cause these issues. In that case, You can download chrome cleanup tool and run it in your PC. It will detect the culprits and help to resolve your problem.

3. Disable Extensions to Fix Scrolling not Working: if scroll not working in google chrome

Extensions are helpful. But, It can be resource hungry or responsible to ruin your browsing experience. In chrome web store, There are various extensions. Some extensions have bad reputation to cause problems. Anyway, To fix scrolling not working problem in chrome browser, You can browse in incognito or guest mode. Then, See if everything seems fine or not. If you find everything OK, Just disable all of your extensions. Then, Browse and see what happens. You can enable extension one by one to find out the main culprit. Then, Delete that one.

4. Modify Some Chrome Settings: if Scrolling Not Working in Chrome

If these 3 basic steps fail to resolve scrolling up and down problem in google chrome, You should try some advanced methods. Modifying some advanced settings is the first thing, You can do. Here are the instructions:

  • First of all, Type chrome://flags/ in chrome address bar and hit Enter.
  • Now, Press CTRL+F from keyboard, type scroll and hit enter. It will make easy to find all scroll related options.
  • Now, See settings as default where available and you also can enable or disable anything to check if it works.

Hopefully, This method will be helpful to “fix Scrolling Not Working” in chrome.

5. Reset Chrome: if Scrolling Not Working in Chrome

Resetting will set everything to its default settings and clear all browsing data and cookies of chrome browser. It helps to resolve various chrome problems like scrolling issues. To do it –

  • Go to Settings or just tpe chrome://settings/ in address bar and hit enter.
  • Then, Click on Show advanced settings.
  • Now, Click on Reset Settings.
  • Relaunch chrome browser and see if scrolling problem is resolved or not.
6. Delete User Profile Data: if Scrolling Not Working in Chrome

It is similar to reset. But, It has some advantages. Deleting user profile data can fixes common google chrome problems like problematic scrolling up and down issue. To do this method, You will have to follow these things.

  • First of all, Close Google Chrome completely.
  • Then, Open RUN. You can press Win + R from keyboard to open it.
  • After doing it, Type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ in run and hit Enter.
  • Now, Find the folder named default and rename it to as default.backup.
  • Relaunch chrome and see if it helps to fix scrolling not working problem in google chrome.

Note: You can get back your user profile data by deleting new default folder and renaming default.backup to default.

7. Re-Install Chrome: if Scrolling Not Working in Chrome

In Google Chrome Help Forum, I found many peoples who have fixed chrome scrolling problem by reinstalling it. So, You can do it and see if it helps.

8. Try Chrome Canary: if Scrolling Not Working in Chrome

Sometimes, Latest update of chrome may bring some new bugs along with other bug fixes. So, Scrolling problem can be a known issue. In that case, You may have to wait until next update. Google issues immediate update to fix this type or problems. If you don’t have such patience, You can use chrome canary. It is experimental version with latest features. In most cases, I found it smooth and stable. In chrome canary, You should not face that same issue.

I hope, These tips will help to get rid of Scrolling Not Working in Chrome browser.

There is another problem also check out here :Google Docs not working in chrome browser you can see how to fix this issues here

How to Fix If Google Docs not working in Chrome

Google Docs is a documented platform which used to write and edit and share the documents.It is compatible with the chrome browser but when you need help with it,there is need to connect with customer support team through information number.

Must Know the Reason Why Google Docs not working in chrome and why you need to resolve it

  • You may find the File unavailable if there is error ‘Temporary Error (502)’.It is required to wait for certain time duration and should try to open the file later.
  • When the Google Docs is not working in an efficient manner, then tap another view such as ‘All items’ or ‘Owned by me’ in case if the Drive opens but not the file.
  • There is need to check if the internet connection for proper Network Connectivity is using the current version of the browser.
  • You need to remove the cache and cookies and should try to access the files.
  • It is required to decrease the size of the file that will help in solving the issue.
  • There is need to turn on and off the Offline Access, you can see the noticeable difference in the Google Docs access.
  • Now, you should if the problem has been resolved completely or not

As you can see over here solution must for google docs not working in chrome browser so if you need help you can contact at 1-866-535-7333 the important to connect with customer support group they listen your Google docs not working in chrome browser very carefully and provide the solution with 100 % satisfaction and also provide the guide to fix this google docs not working in chrome error online.