How to schedule an Email in Gmail

Schedule an email in gmail

Gmail is here now with a new scheduling tool. Though Gmail is already providing us some of the advanced features and tools, this one is worth checking out. You can schedule an Email in Gmail with the help of this feature. You can schedule an Email in Gmail up to 49 years in advance. Here is how you can schedule an Email in Gmail, try it:

Steps to schedule an Email in Gmail in your browser

  1. Compose a mail which you want to schedule.
  2. Near the send button, you will get a drop-down arrow.
  3. Click the arrow and click schedule send.
  4. Choose date and time from the menu that appear. Select a date on which you want to schedule the Email.
  5. After selecting time, click schedule send. In the bottom left-corner a message box will appear which will ask “Send Schedule for…”. You can tap undo if you want to undo it or want to view the message.

Schedule an Email in Gmail from Gmail app on your phone or tablet

if you are using Gmail app to use Gmail services, then use the following steps to schedule an Email from Gmail.

  1. Go to the three dots present in the upper-right hand side. Click them.
  2. Select Schedule send
  3. A menu will appear, here you can add date and time on which you want to schedule the mail.
  4. Now click schedule send. In the bottom left-corner a message box will appear saying “Send scheduled for…”. Here you can undo your action or view your message.

In case you want to update the message or want to delete it, go to scheduled on the main menu. Select the email you want to delete and click cancel send.

For updating the message, date or time cancel the email. A draft will appear and you can edit the content of the email.

It is very useful to schedule your emails to send later, in cases like:

  • If you want your email to arrive at a good time, it is a very good tool. Especially if your recipient is at a different time zone.
  • It will prevent your email to get lost in the shuffle.
  • It makes you look thoughtful. When you end an email at exact time and occasion, it increases the value of your message.

You can schedule your email messages from both, your work account and corporate account.

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