I can’t send emails but I can receive them

I can’t send emails but I can receive them

Sending and receiving emails is new era’s common mode of communication, especially the official ones. No matter which mailing service you are using, the main requirement is a trouble-free flow of services. So, what will you do if you face an issue like “I can’t send emails but I can receive them”.

There are numerous of reasons for which you are not able to send emails. Let us discuss them one by one. The problem may due to bad passwords, Network connection errors, ISP blocks &Email ports, SMTP authentication settings or SSL connection settings.

The anti-virus program is interrupting your mailing service

Sometimes, your anti-virus program blocks you and you are not able to send emails. In this case, try to disable your anti-virus program or firewall. This will probably solve your problem. If it works then search in that program, is there is any option which is doing email scanning? If you find the one, disable it.

Restart email program

When you find that your emails are just placed in outbox and there is no such error found, then try restarting your computer. It typically happens in older version of Outlook. The issue will be solved when you restart your computer and you may be able to send emails again.

Internet service provider has restricted sending of emails

Sometimes the broadband provider wants their mail-server to be utilized instead of any third party. You can contact them to solve the issue. They may provide you their outgoing mail server.

SMTP authentication is off

SMTP authentication allows an SMTP client to log on to an SMTP server i.e. an email provider via an authentication mechanism. You can enable this setting for a time period which you require.

Many ISP force you to use their own SMTP servers even if you have your own.

May be your encryption method is not supported

Sometimes only TLS or StartTLS encryption on email accounts are supported by a server. Secure Password Authentication or SSL,SSL\TLS are not supported by some. Any emails accounts which have been set up through the older Helm or Direct admin systems are not supported by some systems. Check if you are having this issue.

Many times password encryption and SSL settings are confused. While SSL encrypts the network connection, password encryption avoids sending your password in plain text. When you get a relay denied error even if your password is correct, then it is possible that SMTP authentication is not correct. I hope you fix your issue I can’t send emails but I can receive.

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