How To Send Large Video Files Through Gmail

How To Send Large Video Files Through Gmail

Do you know how to send large video files through Google Drive(Gmail)?

As we know that Google email account is used for sending personal or professional emails as well files, photos, and videos. But there are limits for the file size which you are going to attach in your mail. And it makes typical for users that how to send large video files. Due to that Gmail users feel restriction while sending large video files. Fortunately, now some of the popular email service providers have made changes to their services which allow users to send large video files that transcend standard file size limits. Multiple ways you can use to send large video files like Sky Drive in Windows Mail, Google Drive in Gmail.

Steps to send large video files using Google Drive:

  • Open your Gmail account in any browser using valid email id and password.
  • Tap to Compose.
  • Tap to Google Drive button. It is placed at the bottom of the triangle shape icon a new window will open.
  • Tap on the Upload tab. It’s at the top right corner of Google Drive window.
  • If already you have files in your Google Drive then you can insert these files from default Google Drive window that opened.
  • Tap to choose files from your system.
  • Search your video files from your computer and select it.
  • Tap to upload button. It is located at the bottom left corner of Drive window.
  • Uploading a file into drive may take time when it finishes files will seem as a link in “New Message” window.
  • Fill all the email details. For example, the subject of your mail, recipients mail address and your mail text.
  • Tap to send button. It is the blue button at the bottom left corner of the Message window. Video files send a link, and your recipients can open this file after downloading it.
  • There are also the options which can make your recipients owner who can edit or comment on the file. This is the default setting.

Do you want online Gmail Customer Support?

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