How to reset MacBook air

How to reset MacBook air

In this article, we provide a method for how to reset MacBook air. Hare are also many reasons to reset a MacBook air like Mac is showing too much little lag. So, you have to reset it for better performance. macOS hold our personal and private data, so clean it before selling or giving it to anyone.

How to Reset MacBook air: –

Apple’s latest system file APFS that was used by macOS High Sierra. But many users get an issue when using APFS to reset MacBook air. The error message pop-up saying Could not create a Preboot Volume for APFS install. Some topics need to be clear before using the APFS.

If your macOS shipped with the hard drive already in APFS format: –

So, reset it to APFS and don’t change it with the extended MacOS.

If your MacBook air-shipped with the extended MacOS: –

  • Now, you have to select Extended MacOS not the new file system APFS.
  • Whenever you clean your disk with the Extended macOS then install macOS High Sierra, Mojave or above, the macOS installer that auto decides whether to convert the disk to APFS.
  • Remove the heavy lifting from your macOS installer.

Don’t have any idea what your MacBook air-shipped with: –

If you don’t have any idea what file system came with your system whenever the new Apple model comes to continue Extended MacOS.

However, if you went ahead and ran into the error “Could not create a Preboot Volume for APFS install”: –

You have to follow below steps to reset MacBook air:

  • First of all, close your Mac device.
  • Now, press Option Command + R simultaneously to turn it on back.
  • It will open Internet Recovery, so try to reinstall macOS from here.
  • Try the above method again and again to fix this issue.

If it doesn’t work then move to the next step:

  • Make sure, don’t install macOS.
  • Delete your drive until you don’t have a visible drive.
  • Now, close your Mac and then press and hold Command + R to boot up your Mac into Recovery mode.
  • Then, open the disk utility from the recovery partition and delete your drive with the help of the minus button which is at the top right of the screen.
  • After deleting it, close your Mac again.
  • Now, press Option + Command + R simultaneously to restart it in recovery mode to boot it from the internet.
  • Again, open Disk utility and make a drive-by pressing the plus button and rename the drive Macintosh HD and select Extended MacOS.
  • The main goal is to return the drive to macOS Sierra or any nearest available version of macOS X Your MacBook air originally shipped with.
  • If you want to update macOS High Sierra, Mojave, or above with the APFS then update it from the Mac App Store.

Check how to factory reset MacBook air: –

Before factory reset of MacOS, you have to check some options:

  • Back up: –

Backup is the main part of any application which is available every time with the time machine or another application. Most probably follow 2*2 rule with two clouds and two backups.

Use drive cloning apps like SuperDuper, Carbon Copy Cloner, Chrono Sync, etc. So, it makes identical clones of your drive, unlike Time Machine, and those are fully bootable backups.

If anything goes wrong with your MacBook air then boot your computer with the use of these clones.

  • Turned off File Vault: –

File Vault uses full disk encryption to clog unauthorized access to information on your MacBook air. Most of the users don’t turn on this feature but it is the best option to check.

You may have File Vault on if you always log in MacBook air with your account password. It happens because whenever Fire Vault is ON then your MacOS requires to log in with your account password.

  • Disable File Vault: –

Follow the below-given description to disable File Vault from your macOS:

    • At first, navigate to the System Preference section and select Security & Privacy
    • Now, tap on the File Vault
    • Then, click on the Lock
    • Now, provide an administrator name and password.
    • Then, tap on the Turn off File Vault.
    • Now, restart your MacBook air.
    • Once you restart your MacOS then make sure it is awake and plugged into AC power.
    • After starting the MacBook air, the decryption of your startup disk occurs in the background and it will take some time. So, you have to check the progress in the File Vault section of Security & Privacy preference.
  • Remove authorization: –

Whenever you authorize your MacBook air then you have to permit it to access all apps, books, audiobooks, movies, music, and other content. So, it is necessary to deauthorize a MacBook air before the factory reset it. After removing your MacBook air authorization clogs apple from counting the count the MacOS.

Deauthorize your MacBook air with macOS Catalina: –

  • First of all, navigate to the Music app and select the Account tab.
  • Now, select the Authorizations option and click on the deauthorize your computer option.

Deauthorize with the use of iTunes on macOS Mojave: –

As you all are well aware that iTunes has its built-in authorization tool. And it is easy to search it in the menu bar on your MacBook air.

  • Select the account option from the menu.
  • Now, tap on the Authorization tab and select deauthorize this computer option.

Deauthorize a MacBook air or Windows system: –

  • At first, open iTunes.
  • Now, sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Then, select the Account tab from the menu bar which is at the top of your screen or iTunes Window.
  • Now, tap on the Authorization
  • Then, select Deauthorize This Computer
  • After that, provide your Apple ID and password and hot the return option and then select the Deauthorize

Don’t worry, you don’t lose any content from your MacBook air and nothing is deleted from your computer. After deauthorizing a computer, you can clog it from only accessing protected content. If need then you can authorize it later.

Don’t skip this step to perform later, it is best to deauthorize it via iTunes on your Windows system while you have still possessions.

In this blog, we discuss how to reset MacBook air. I hope, it is helpful to you. If you have any doubts regarding this then call our expert’s team to resolve them.


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