How to fix gmail error 102

how to fix gmail error 102

Gmail is one among the famous social media platforms. It has a worldwide users who believe that Gmail doesn’t face any error, but in most of the cases you have seen on the internet that even your Gmail account faces issue. Solving error 102 is not a difficult task if you follow these given below steps. You get a pop up message of Oops… the system encountered a problem of (102#). Mentioned below are the steps that can help you to know how to fix gmail error 102:

Reasons for the gmail error 102

Here are the reasons for the gmail error 102 and you can follow the steps to recover this problem:

Unsupported browser

When you browser is not supporting Gmail while error comes while sending or receiving the emails on some of these browser. Sometimes when your browser is not updated or you have an old version of your browser, it can create problem.

Unable internet Connection

When you do not have a proper connection, it cause error on your system. When you are sending an email and your internet connection suddenly become off. It will create a similar error on your browser.

Methods to get rid error 102

When you search on internet for how to fix gmail error 102 you will also find there are similar issues exist on internet that can slowdown the progress of your browser as well as on your gmail and shows such error. You can take proper tips to recover them. Here in this blog you will learn how to fix gmail error 102:

Speed your internet connection

Speeding up your internet connection would let your emails send fastly. If you have a slow internet connection, it can slow loading speed and after sometime you will receive a pop up of this error 102. So if you have a stable network on your system, it will never let this problem happen on your browser.

Disable Add-Ons and extensions on browser

Disabling Add-Ons and the extensions on your browser is a very good option. It will smoothen the function of your system. You can disable them and try to reload after sometime. If still it doesn’t work out, then restart your browser and run it after sometime.

Update your internet browser

When you update your internet browser, it removes a lot of malwares, freezes, and virus that were there on your old browser. You can update your internet browser and restart your system and try running it. For update your browser you can go to the settings and tap on about chrome and now seek for the updates. If your browser have any update, you can update it.

These were the methods where you get to know how to fix gmail error 102. And even after so many tries you are not satisfied with these methods, then you can use another browsers.

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