How to fix Facebook not loading properly

How to fix Facebook not loading properly

Facebook is one of the most common and popular social networking site with numerous users and user friendly options and services. While using Facebook, we sometimes face many issues like Facebook not loading properly. This issue is common and can be resolved in minutes. If your account information is correct and internet speed is also fine, then read on to find out how to fix Facebook not loading properly issue.

See through the following options to find out why your Facebook is not loading properly:

Clear Cache and Cookies

If you are facing the Facebook not loading issue, then first try to delete the Cookies and Cache. Now again open your Facebook account and hopefully the problem has been resolved. If not, continue reading on.

 Change the http://

Another method is to replace the http:// with https:// at the start of the Facebook URL. Though it will take some time but the page will load now.

Check time settings

Sometimes when the time in your computer is not correct, the Facebook pages will not load properly. Check the time settings in your computer, if you find it incorrect, change it and fix the error.

Update your current browser

Look if any update of your browser is available. If you find any latest version for your browser then update it. Sometimes the older version which you have been using gets corrupted and hence Facebook pages are not able to load.

Try using a different Browser

If have many options available for browser selection. You can switch to Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer for example. Try loading Facebook in a different browser and see if it is loading properly.

Turn off and restart your device

A quick fix is to turn off the device in which you are using Facebook, leave it for a minute and then Restart it. Try to open Facebook, the issue of Facebook not loading properly might have resolved.

Restart router

Press the ON/OFF button of your router to turn off the router. Leave it for a minute. Turn on again. Now open your Facebook, it will load now.

Check your security software

Your browser performance is affected by the security software you are using. It may cause issues like Facebook not loading properly. Check if the security software is up to date and is not blocking Facebook home page. You can also turn it off temporarily and try to load Facebook again.

Check the add-ons of your browser

The add-ons on a browser provide special abilities to your browser. But sometimes it causes a bug in opening some pages. This may be the reason for which your Facebook pages are not loading. You can deactivate the add-ons for a while or update them as well.

Reset the Proxy settings

Proxy acts as a gateway between local and large scale is basically a network feature. Your Facebook might have blocked due to this reason also. To reset proxy settings see below:

For windows users:

  • Open the run command.
  • Press Windows logo key+R.
  • Copy and paste the below link in the text box:

reg add “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings”/v ProxyEnable /t REG_DWORD/d 0 /f

  • Click OK.
  • Now go to the Run command, click on windows logo key, Windows logo key+ R
  • Copy and paste this link now in the Run text box: reg delete “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings”/v ProxyServer /f
  • Click OK.

Proxy settings for Mac:

  • Go to Apple menu.
  • System Preferences.
  • Click Network.
  • Choose the Network service.
  • Hit Advanced and click Proxies.

Try above methods and you will be able to visit your Facebook page again.

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