How to fix AOL mail on Android not working

aol mail not working on android

AOL mail is provided by AOL-a free web-based email service. AOL provides a client emailing service that is accessible through smart phones.  AOL provides facility of forwarding of emails from one address to other and you can reply also from that account but it will seem like it has been sent from the original account. AOL mail is a fast, cheap and easy method to transfer email accounts or check multiple accounts from one place. Having AOL mail on Android lets the user access to their emails anytime whenever they want. Users also face the issues like AOL mail on Android not working.

The AOL mail app, that bis designed for Android users is easy to use and can be installed from Play Store. After downloading and installation, you can easily avail the features. But if you find AOL mail not working on Android, and has failed to work on the Android interface, then there may be various possible reasons for that.

How to fix AOL mail not working on Android?

You can fix AOL mail not working on Android issue in simple steps that are discussed below:

  1. First of all, unlock your Android smartphone. Go to AOL mail app.
  2. Fill in your account details.
  3. Now you need to set the incoming and outgoing server details.
  4. Select the option of Manual setup.
  5. Go to IMAP account settings i.e. incoming settings. Select IMAP server as and Port as 143.
  6. In Security type, select None.
  7. After selecting the settings, click on Next.
  8. Now the next step is to change SMTP account settings i.e. outgoing server settings.
  9. Select SMTP server as
  10. Put the value for Port as 587.
  11. After finishing, save the changes and exit the application.
  12. Now login again to your AOL mail account and see if the issue is resolved or not.
  13. Another important thing is that ensure that you have scanned your system for virus.
  14. Many times, it happens that the antivirus present in the system causes this error. Disable the antivirus temporarily and see if the if the problem is solved or not. If it working properly after disabling antivirus then disable it.
  15. Make sure that the security settings of your device are not the reason of this problem.
  16. If none of the above option works out for you, then uninstall the application. Reinstall it and check if the issue is solved or not.

If still you are facing any issue, then take the help of customer support. They have a team of experts that will assist you to solve your problem. They are available 24*7. Just call on their toll-free number and explain your issue briefly.

Forward AOL mail to Gmail

You can forward AOL mail to Gmail using these steps.

  1. Log in to your Gmail account using your Gmail address and password.
  2. Look for the cog icon to the right. Go to accounts and Import.
  3. From other accounts, select “Check email”. Now add an email account.
  4. A pop-up will appear. Enter your AOL email address there and click Next.
  5. Check the email server details. Enter your AOL password when asked.
  6. Select “leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server”. Through it you can keep copies with AOL. You can use “Label Incoming messages” option also here. By adding label you are able to forward emails very easily even if you have a busy inbox.
  7. Select Add account.

You can forward all emails from AOL to Gmail by this process. As soon as the process is completed you will begin to see emails coming immediately.