How to download pinterest pictures

How to download pinterest pictures

Pinterest is a very famous social media that is very popular for the images that are being provided on it. Pinterest is having over 250 million of users who are regularly active on the site. If you search for any particular niche you get so many different ideas from these images. Many of us want to download these kind of images but we are not having access to these images. Here you can follow some guidelines that will surely help you to download pinterest pictures.

Save pinterest pictures with safari

When you are using a Mac device, the functions would be similar to that of windows. Go to the pinterest account and right click on the image. Now click on save as… after this name the file and you can create a folder and save all the images in that folder.

Download pinterest images on Android

The process of downloading images from a Mac device and from iPhone device is quite similar. You can go to the pinterest account and select the images that you want to save in your Pc. You can see three dots on the left of the screen. Now you can select download image option and save it wherever you want too.

These are some of the simple ideas where you can download pinterest pictures.

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