How To Change Language Settings in Google Chrome

how to change language settings in google chrome

How to Change Google Chrome Language Settings

Today, Google Chrome Is the Most Popular Web Browser in the world. Though, there is a situation, when the user wants to change the language settings in google chrome. Suppose, you downloaded chrome from the internet and after installation, you find that you got your install file in English i.e. default language. But you want to use it in your native language. If this has happened to you and your preferred language is not selected, don’t worry, you can change language in the chrome settings options.

In google chrome, you have an option (both desktop and android version) to change the language setting. If you want to change the language in google chrome, just follow the steps listed below.

  1. Go to your chrome settings

To open chrome language settings page, launch your google chrome browser on your system. Click on the menu bar (three-dot icon) on the top right corner of the chrome screen and select the Settings.

Alternatively, simply paste the chrome://settings in the address bar and hit Enter.

  1. Click on Advanced

Once you’re in the settings menu, Scroll down to bottom of the Settings page and then click on Advanced to display additional options.

  1. Go to Languages section

On the next screen, scroll down to Languages section. Here click on the Language to open ‘Chrome Language Settings’ pop-up window.

  1. Chrome Language Settings

  • Add New Language: Here click on “Add languages” and then choose the language from the list that you want to use or simply type the language in the search bar. Check your chosen language that you want to add and then click on “Add”.
  • Display New Language: Now your new language will start showing on the screen. To display new language, click on the three-dot icon next to the language and click Display Google Chrome in this language.
  • Relaunch Chrome: Now click on Relaunch to restart chrome browser and relaunch in your selected language.
  • Similarly, to remove the language from the list, you need to click on the three-dot icon next to the language and click Remove.
  • To change the language on Chrome mobile version, just follow these steps: Open the Google Chrome app > click on More menu > Tap Settings > Scroll down to Languages > Add Language

We hope this post helped you learn how to change the language in google chrome.