How to fix itunes error when installing

iTunes is the multimedia manager for apple devices. This software is used by every user of iPhones/iPads/iPods. This software allows the users of i-devices to share the multimedia contents between their phones and PCs. Recently, many users have reported to be facing issue iTunes error when installing this software on their PCs (especially the users of windows). If you are one such user facing the iTunes install error, you are at the right place. Here, we will be discussing every possible solution in detail. Go through this article carefully.

1. Repair iTunes software on your PC and reinstall all the apple software:

One of the most common errors that users face while installing the iTunes on their PC is when they install iTunes on their PC, they get a message The Apple Software Update Server could not be found. Check your internet settings and try again. This issue occurs because our Apple Software Update is outdated. This issue can be resolved by repairing the iTunes software on your PC. You can do it by following the steps mentioned below:

    • Open Control Panel on your Windows.

control panel

    • Click on the option Uninstall a Program.

Click on the option Uninstall a Program (1)

    • Locate the option Apple Software Update. Right-click on this option.
    • Then, click on the Repair option from the Context menu.

After finishing this procedure, restart your windows and see if your iTunes error when installing has been resolved. If your problem still persists, you can reinstall all the Apple Software on your PC. Follow the steps mentioned below to do that:

    • Click on the start button and Type Control Panel in the Search Bar.

control panel

    • Then select Control Panel options.
    • Select the option Programs.


    • Then, click on the option Uninstall a program.

Click on the option Uninstall a Program (1)

    • After that, select every program related to Apple and then click on.

When the process to uninstall the program is finished, install all those apps again on your PC. You can do it by downloading those apps from the official source.

After completion of both these procedures, you must have resolved your issue of iTunes error when installing. If your problem still persists, you can look for the next fixes we have discussed below.

2. Check whether you are using the latest version of windows on your PC:

Many users have faced this iTunes error when installing because they didn’t have the latest version of windows installed on their PCs. If you haven’t updated your windows in a while you should follow the steps mentioned below:

    • Open Windows Settings on your PC.

windows settings

    • Choose the Update and Security

update & security

    • Click on the Windows Update on the sidebar.

windows update

    • Click on the button Check for Updates. Then Windows will check for updates. If any update is available for your windows, it will start downloading and installing these updates automatically.

After you are done with the update process of your windows, follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. Locate the installer in the iTunes setup folder.
    2. Right-click on the install button then Select Run as Administrator.
    3. Click on the option Repair this software.
    4. After the repairing process is finished, delete all the programs that have been left from the previous installation.

3. Solutions for the iTunes Error when installing:

A lot of users have faced an issue when they were installing iTunes on their PCs. While installing the iTunes users get a message iTunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes. In case you are getting this iTunes error when installing, follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. Navigate to the path C:\Windows\System32.
    2. After you have reached the destination, find the files named dll, msvcp120.dll, msvcp120.dl, msvcr100.dll, msvcr12.dll, vcruntime140.dl.
    3. Drag all these files to the recycle bin.

After you are done with this procedure, repair the versions of Apple Application Support. Follow the steps mentioned below to do this:

    1. Open Control Panel on your device.
    2. Select the option Add/Remove programs from the list of options.
    3. Click on Apple Application Support 32-bit.
    4. Right-click on this option and then click on Repair option from the context menu.

Repeat the same procedure for Apple Application Support 64-bit. After doing all these things, try installing iTunes on your PC again and see if your issue has been resolved.

In this article we have discussed every possible solution to your problem in detail. One of these solutions must have worked for you. In case your issue still persists, you can contact us through our website and the other contact details provided below. We have got a team of experts to solve all your issues related to PCs and phones.


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